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In 1978, we began the development of the Korral Kool system. Research had shown for years the advantages of cooling dairy cows. But up to that time, commercial cooling systems for cows had never really caught on. In the fall of 1981 we installed the first prototype Korral Kool System in a Hospital pen.

Today, Korral coolers are operating in Arizona, California, Texas, Mexico, Hawaii, New Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Qatar, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia protecting thousands of cows. The Korral Kool System allows dairies in hot climates to get top production and reproduction that previously had only been available where it was cool.

From 1981 on we have gathered the enthusiastic testimonies of satisfied customers worldwide. Those '81 Koolers continue to this day to serve our early customers and promise to do so for many more years. We have also put our Koolers through scientific trials conducted by the University of Arizona researchers to formally record Korral Kooling achievements. In these trials, no cooling system has ever outperformed Korral Kool.

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