We have a cooler for every need

Korral Kool systems are a sound investment, allowing you to recoup your initial cost quickly.

Our systems relieve heat stress, have a long life and require a minimum of maintenance.

KK1 Coolers

With 400ft² of coverage

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KK2 Fans

With a 17,000 cfm air output

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What are our Clients saying?

Our milk production is up to 69 lbs. versus 54 lbs. that we used to see before we put in the cooling.

Tom Thompson

Stotz Dairy

Excellent investment - higher milk production with low maintenance. All they do is make you money.

Dan Dugan

Dan Dugan Dairy

I was the first Dugan to put in Korral Kool. They all laughed at me, but the rest followed. Within 3 years we all had them.

Pat Dugan

Du-Brook Dairy