KK1 Cooling system


Keeping your cows cool and happy with corrosion resistant Galvalum® Shell

10 times greater corrosion resistance than standard galvanized sheet metal and up to 385 to 425 lbs (174.6 to 192.8 kg)


We got you covered

With 400ft² of coverage and 30,000 to 51,500 cfm air output with 15 unique user defined water output configurations.

Smartly controlled

Computer controls vary the water injection, achieving maximum convective cooling and maximum water efficiency levels.

Dropping the heat

Temperature drop of 5-35°F at 10% humidity and 5-25°F at 30% humidity with just 0.2 to 2.3 gpm of water, customizable for arid or humid environments.

Herd friendly

Cools 12-14 cows using aero dynamically designed vanes and flare to create a cyclonic motion of air dispersal customizable for arid or humid environments.

Cool cows = Happy Cows

Cooling effect is greater due to direct convective cooling of cows body and evaporating directly by constant air-stream.

Efficient air use

Fresh air drawn from above the shade and replaced six times each minute, ensuring optimal evaporation.

We can accommodate to your needs and we also offer these options:

  • 3, 5 or 7.5 hp motor

  • Mechanical two speed operation

  • 240/380/480 volt @ 50/60 hertz

  • Standard pen, hospital pen, or milk barn applications