KK2 Cooling system


Quality replacement for traditional fans

We can customize the KK2 for any arid or humid environments



36 in wide x 45.75 in tall x 27.38 in deep (0.91 m wide x 1.16 m tall x 0.70 m deep) weighting 125 lbs (56.7 kg).

Water control at its finest

High (12 nozzle), medium (8 nozzle) and low (4 nozzle) water output configurations with 0.27 to 0.82 gpm of water.

Covering a lot of space

Cools cows and controls pen bedding conditions using oscillating motion to spread out herd and cover more area.

Benefits you and your cattle

With a 17,000 cfm air output it increases milk production, increases reproduction rate, decreases cull rate, and improves body condition.

We can accommodate to your needs and we also offer these options:

  • Multiple water injection options

  • New install or as replacement fans

  • 360° complete oscillation capability

  • Single or three phase